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Back in the year 2016, while in my vacation I was taken to some deep village place in Mbarara to buy land. I went there and saw thorns,grasslands the place didn’t have access roads it was a bushy area.
I reluctantly bought one acre at 12m. The seller really insisted that the area would come up but I ignored as made weird conclusion that it’s a usual marketing gimmick.

1n 2018, I got a call from a potential buyer who wanted to pay me 45m for the same land that I bought 12m. It was unbelievable and I regretted not buying at least 3 acres as I had enough money to pay for about 5 acres but I refused because I could not see that place developing even in 10 years time.
That guy bought my one acre at 45m and more 4 acres from my neighbor.


Do not procrastinate to invest in lands as it will never depreciate. Buy and Wait is more better than wait to buy.
When people say “the place is too far” they’re thinking as a possessor not an investor. Investor thinks about substance not distance. If it’s about distance, why would one own a property in Dubia while living in Kampala, Uganda.
Own your property anywhere of value, it will appreciate and make you wealthy.

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