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What comes into your mind when you hear of fast developing areas? Investing in Mbarara city in such a time when development projects are kicking up is the most ideal thing.
This is because prices of land are affordable yet very rewarding in the near future. Here are👇


1. 100ft by 100ft in Omukashanyarazi Katete Mbarara at 25m

2. 100ft by 100ft in Karugangama Katete Mbarara with view of Mbarara town, water and electricity at 30m

3. 50ft by 100ft in Karugangama Katete Mbarara with view of Mbarara city, water and electricity at 18m

4. 60ft by 80ft in Karugangama Katete Mbarara with view of Mbarara city, water and electricity at 15m

5. 100ft by 100ft Kabare one after Katete C.O.U Mbarara city it’s strategically located, at 22m we can divide it into 2 plots of 50ft by 100ft at 11.5m each

6. 100ft by 100ft in Karugangama Mbarara city with free hold land title, water and electricity at 32m

7. 100ft by 100ft in Nkokonjeru behind Kosiya Hotel, good access road, water and electricity with free hold land title.
Asking price 55m negotiable

8. An estate of over 1500 plots in Rwenjeru Biharwe with good access roads, going for 4m per 50ft by 100ft

9. 50ft by 100ft in Katete Mbarara near beach with nice view of Mbarara city.
Asking price. 17m negotiable

10. 80ft by 100ft in Rubeho Katete Mbarara asking price 14m negotiable

11. 58ft by 70ft in Rubeho Katete Mbarara asking price. 7m

12. 50ft by 65ft in Rubeho Katete Mbarara asking price. 6.5m

13. 50ft by 100ft in Kabaare Katete Mbarara asking price. 9m

14. 100ft by 200ft in Boma Mbarara near preparatory school and Boma ground, with free hold land title
Asking price. 450m negotiable

15. Plot’s in an organized and well planned estate with a great view of Mbarara city with good access roads and prime locations along the Bypass road.
Each plot is 100ft by 100ft sold at 60m with free hold land title

16. 100ft by 100ft plot of land for sale in Nkokonjeru, Mbarara, behind Kosiya Hotel.
With freehold land title, good access road, water and electricity at 38M Ugx.

17. 50ft by 100ft in Nyamitanga near a 5star hotel “NIM Hotel @ 25m and 25ftx50 at 7m 50ftx50 at 12m 50ftx100 at 25m…

18. 2 Office rooms for rent in Mbarara town along Ntare road 200k per month

19. 2 Houses for sale in Rutagarama Mbarara City. After Coca cola

One house has 2 bedrooms, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet inside and outside
2nd house has 2 bedrooms, 1 sitting room, toilet, septic tank, water and electricity.
Both houses are roofed and closed you can enter immediately after paying.
Sited on 50ft by 100ft, land title in process.
Asking price 68m negotiable.


1. 40 acres of farmland for sale in Byembogo, Kashongi, all fenced cleared, with two dams, 3 acres of banana plantation. With room for expansion. This place is amazing for a home.
Asking price 12m per acre

2. 10 acres in Omubisya Rwemikoma Kazo, Kiruhura asking price. 6.5m per acre

3. In Nkongoro-Kamwenge
212 acres and 220 acres making (432 acres) with land titles
Then 110 acres with deed plan, and then 40 acres without land title all in same location connecting together the whole lands on sale making 582 acres
Those acres with titles goes for 3.5m per acre
One with deed plan and no title is 3m per acre

4. 184 acres in Sanga branching from ahakyapa kya Banyankole 6km from Mbarara-Masaka highway
All cleared and fenced with land title.
Asking price. 12m per acre negotiable

5. 200 acres in Kigarama Sanga with 2 water dams, 5 acres of good banana plantation
All fenced and cleared with land title.
Price. 14m per acre

6. 130 acres in Kanyanya Kikatsi it has a dam, banana plantation, cleared and fenced with free hold land title at 15m per acre, negotiable

7. 300 acres in Mugore Kiruhura with 2 dams, Banana plantation at 12m per acre

8. 65 acres in Kantaganya Omungari Kazo district this land touches on tarmac road Ibanda – Kazo highway, it has 3 acres of banana plantation, permanent house, electricity, it’s behind the trading center, good for all projects. Asking price 14m per acre

9. 30 acres after Rumuri, Karungi trading centre Masha Isingiro, with 3 houses 2 water wells, all cleared and fenced, 3 acres of Banana plantation. It’s touching on the road.
Asking price. 14m per acre

10. 720 acres of agricultural land for sale in Kibaale district. The land has freehold land title.
200 acres of eucalyptus trees at harvesting level and road access is perfect. The land is squatter free & suitable for both agriculture & cattle keeping.
It’s only 33 km from Kakabala off Fort portal-Kampala tarmac road & approximately 80 km from Fortportal town. Price is 2.7m per acre

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